Middleware 2008 Registration

When registering for the conference and/or workshops, you have the following options for ACM/SIG/EuroSys members, non-members and students:
  • Full Conference Registration: conference and 2 workshops/tutorial days
  • Conference Only
  • Workshops Only: 1 or 2 workshops/tutorial day(s)
  • Combination: conference and 1 workshop/tutorial day
We have planned a doctoral symposium on Monday and several tutorials on Tuesday. The doctoral symposium is offered as an alternative option for the Monday workshops. Instead of selecting a workshop on Tuesday, you can also select or change your registration to two half-day tutorials. The registration fee for the two half-day tutorials is the same as for a one full-day workshop.

Description and timing of the tutorials:
  • Tutorial 1A: Programming Wireless Sensor Networks: From Theory to Practice, Part 1 (morning)
  • Tutorial 1B: Programming Wireless Sensor Networks: From Theory to Practice, Part 2 (afternoon)
  • Tutorial 2: Peer-to-Peer Publish/Subscribe Systems: The Design Space, the Solutions, and their Classification (morning)
  • Tutorial 3: Fast Prototyping with Python S60 for Mobile Phones (afternoon)
Tutorials 2 and 3 are each half-day tutorials. Tutorial 1 on wireless sensor networks has two parts and both together span a whole day. You cannot attend the afternoon session (1B) of tutorial 1 without also attending the morning session (1A), but you can attend the morning session (1A) and tutorial 3, or attend tutorial 2 and 3.

Please do not register for the conference and 2 workshops separately, but select the full conference registration instead. The author registration deadline is October 15, 2008. The early bird registration deadline is November 4, 2008.

Member Non-member Student
Full Conference + 2 Workshops
Early bird fee 510 € 700 € 320 €
Late fee 640 € 890 € 450 €
Conference Only
Early bird fee 380 € 510 € 250 €
Late fee 450 € 570 € 320 €
One Workshop Only (Mon or Tue)
Early bird fee 160 € 220 € 60 €
Late fee 190 € 250 € 100 €
Two Workshops Only (Mon and Tue)
Early bird fee 290 € 410 € 100 €
Late fee 350 € 480 € 160 €

Click HERE to go to the RegOnline online registration website.

Wire transfers

If you decide to pay by wire transfer and not by credit card, then please wire the funds to:

Banking Information:
Bedrijvenkantoor Leuven
Interleuvenlaan 15C
B-3001 Heverlee

Account Holder:
Katholieke Universiteit Leuven
Krakenstraat 3
B-3000 Leuven
VAT BE 0419.052.173

Bank Account Number: 432-0000011-57
IBAN: BE09 4320-0000-1157

The following MANDATORY information must be part of the wire. Without it, we cannot complete the registration:
-Reference Number: 400/0001/72720
-The name of the attendee

Please, make sure to email the same wire transfer information to Davy Preuveneers and Katrien Janssens once you've completed the wire transfer.

Letter of Invitation

If you are attending the Middleware 2008 conference and need invitation letters for visas and others purposes, please fill in this form Letter of Invitation Request Guidelines and Form.doc and send it to Davy Preuveneers. Attendees will first have to register with the conference and pay the registration fee in order to obtain an official invitation letter. For others who are merely accompanying an author and do not attend the conference, we cannot issue any official invitation letter.